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Frequently Asked Questions

northwest pet vaccination clinic faqs

What is your pricing for vaccines and other services outside of your low-cost pet vaccine packages?

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Do I need to make an appointment?

No, clinics are on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend coming early in the clinic time frame as we might have to turn clients away in order to arrive at the next clinic location on time.

Can I talk to a doctor during the week?

We do not have doctors available except in clinics.

Can I get the rabies vaccine only?

Yes, the cost will be $32 ($30 + $2 medical waste fee). If you want PureVax Rabies (for cats only) it is an additional $10 = $42.

What do I need to bring to qualify for the 3 year rabies expiration date?

Please bring prior written (official) proof of a previous rabies vaccine. If the booster vaccine is more than 30 days late, the veterinarian may choose to make the vaccine good for 1 year. Prior rabies tags and license tags are not considered official proof.

Do I pay the listed prices and I'm good for all of my visits?

Prices shown do not include the cost of booster vaccines due within 3-4 weeks after initial visit.

Can my pet receive multiple vaccines in one visit?

Dogs under 20 lbs and dogs/cats over 10 years of age may require more than one visit to complete their vaccines.

I need a health certificate for travel, can I get one at the clinic?

We are able to provide health certificates for domestic travel at a limited number of our clinics. Please contact our office @ 888.234.1350 to see if the clinic you plan on attending has a doctor who is able to issue them.

Health certificates for domestic travel are $35 pet pet.

Travel guidelines if you need a domestic health certificate (no Hawaii or international health certificates will be issued)

Interstate travel with each state's specific requirements

Can I get my pet spayed/neutered?

No, we are unable to perform surgeries.

Can I get dental work/x-rays/emergency care?

No, we are not equipped to handle these situations.

Do you offer the rabies titer test/bloodwork/cytology/diagnostic testing?